Creative Writing for Regular People: Unlock Your Imagination

Ashan R. Hampton

Guess what? You do not have to be an artist or aspiring novelist to be creative. Instead of waiting for divine inspiration to fall from the sky and cloak you with magical writing powers, you can actually process your way into a creative mindset that will not only boost your writing, but also stimulate your critical thinking skills. “Creative Writing for Regular People: Unlock Your Imagination” shows you how to use your logical five senses to fill blank pages with sentences that are descriptive and coherent.

In doing so, your definitions of creativity and creative writing will expand to include business and technical documents in addition to poems and best-selling fiction. Even if you prefer numbers or science and bristle at the idea of expressing emotions or recording sensory observations, you can use certain techniques to ‘work’ yourself into a more imaginative headspace before sitting to write a short story, an incident report or a grant proposal.

So, if you hate to write, or feel that you absolutely cannot think like an award-winning author or blockbuster screenwriter, the techniques in this book will help you move from general, flat sentences to detailed written documents.

***Blank pages have been removed and may affect page number sequence.***

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  • Full-color PDF, 140 pages
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Creative Writing for Regular People: Unlock Your Imagination

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