Proofreading & Grammar Drills Workbook

Ashan R. Hampton

Put your proofreading skills to the test! If you are currently a proofreader, writer, or editor looking to exercise your eagle eyes, then the "Proofreading & Grammar Drills Workbook" is for you! In order to get the most out of this book, you need intermediate to advanced skills in writing, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Novices or people with no prior writing or editing experience might get a little frustrated working through the exercises, because no explanations for right or wrong answers are provided. This workbook only contains exercises and answers.

So, be forewarned. Remember, proofreading takes a certain degree of skill and knowledge about the writing process, language usage, and standard English grammar rules to successfully find and correct errors.

The "Proofreading & Grammar Drills Workbook" opens with passages of text that reflect everyday writing styles and topics before moving on to real-world business documents, such as memos, press releases, and meeting notes.

The workbook concludes with three challenging grammar assessments ranging from beginner to advanced. Regardless of your experience level, these proofreading and grammar drills will challenge and improve your overall writing skills.

***Blank pages have been removed and may affect page number sequence.***

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  • Black & White PDF, 96 pages
  • Size1.87 MB
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Proofreading & Grammar Drills Workbook

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